MarketHappening 2021

The 33rd edition of the BAM Student Congress will not be like the others… Covid obliged us to reinvent ourselves! And so we did it! From 8 to 13 March, Europe’s largest Student Marketing Student Congress is coming to student’s screen and smartphone. This year’s edition of the BAM Student Congress – MarketHappening 2021 will be completely different from last year : We offer you six days of inspirational keynotes via the BAM Marketing Content Platform. We give you access to the Netflix of Marketing Inspiration and Education. Isn’t that amazing? For one week, we offer you online access to content from marketing experts all over the world. You create your own program and watch what you want, whenever you want. Why should you attend? Through MarketHappening, you have the opportunity to gain valuable marketing insights, grow your network, and get inspired by more than 80 national and international speakers. Don’t miss out and get your tickets!


Take part in the largest Marketing Content Platform with Marketing Inspiration and Education. Discover the speakers of MarketHappening 2021, the marketing experts from all over the world. What to expect? “Six days, six different tracks, and six new visions that will shape the marketing landscape of tomorrow.”


The BAM student congress, as all BAM events, its content is based on the meaningful marketing framework. This framework, created around six essential elements, will allow companies to map the societal support for their business model and think about how they can contribute to a more sustainable society. During the congress, each speaker will highlight one of the six elements. In conclusion, something every young marketer must attend!

Top 25 Speakers

Check out the top 25 speakers, selected by our BAM-Campus team, especially for you! Below you can find our top 25 key notes that are selected based on content, impact, and wow-effect.

Anouk Van Hautegem
Coca Cola Services

Making Purpose Marketing conrete. (NL)

Paulo Lopes Escudeiro
Creative network

Tiktok for business: the baffling succes and marketing power explained (ENG)

Thierry Geerts

The impact of the digital revolution on everyone of us (ENG)

José Fernandez
D’ieteren Auto

Redifining automotive and mobility in the era of innovation (ENG)

Laurens Gunneweg, Jonathan Beeston, Boudewijn Vanewijk
Philips Benelux, Salesforce Datorama, The Online Company

Data is the key to growth marketing: Philips best practices (ENG)

Thomas Lejeune Debarre

Open up! How Decathlon Belgium is evolving from a closed organisation to a sharing one, in the interest of sport lovers (ENG)

Xander Van Buggenhout, Rémy Tastenhoye
Kayzr & Golden Palace

How Kayzr & Golden Palace make their mark in the Belgian gaming industry. (ENG/FR)

Jonas Mallisse
Too Good to go

Fighting food waste together (ENG)

Debora van der zee – denekamp

Unilever a force of good (ENG)

Mathieu Folcque & Jonathan Mingoia
Leonidas & Soprism

using Audience Intelligence to boost digital media KPI’s (ENG)

Georges Caron

How AI has really helped digital marketing for several customers (ENG)

Véronique De Rijck & Michiel Van Meervenne
Colruyt & KRIKET BV

How to feed 9 Billion people in 2050 without destroying our planet? (ENG)

Valerie Vervueren & Dhan Claes
Carglass & Semetis

The future is here: a MarTech Solution for data-driven video without transcoding (ENG)

Valerie Bracke

Being a leader and a pioneer. How to organize disruption in a traditional organization? A disruptive journey (ENG)

Bart Lombaerts, Koen Denolf, Wouter Temmerman en Miche Libens
Authors “Dit is content marketing”

The end of storytelling? (ENG)

Eric Hollander
Air brussels

Do marketeers have a soul? (FR)

Isabel verstraete
The Care Principles

Does your brand care? (ENG)

Jan Paesen

Death of a B2B salesman? In the digital new abnormal. (ENG)

Joke Claessen
Brand relationship builder

How to make Belgians trust your brand after COVID-19 (ENG)

Sofie Dumont
Chef and Digital entrepeneur

Recipe for building a succesful digital content platform (ENG)

Lies Eeckman, Femke Brouns

Goobye normal, hello Polestar (ENG)

Floriane Piquin & Céline Naveau
Medimarket & Semactic

How Medi-market took control of its search visibility with impact-driven software (ENG)

Charlotte Matthys
Nona Drinks

How to build a premium brand succesfully without any marketing budget. (ENG)

Jan Verlinden

Ritchie, a small local brand in the world of giants. (ENG)

Xavier Verhaeghe

The personalisation Dilemma. 6 key considerations to keep in mind. (ENG)


Matthew Van Landeghem


After visiting the congress two years in a row, he took his responsibility and joined BAM-Campus as president. He is a senior student at Artesis Plantijn and loves working on his oldtimer.

Asya Lee

Vice President

Since 2018 a proud member of Bam Campus as vice president. She is a senior marketing student at Vives, Kortrijk. With passion for latin dancing.

Koen Wilna


Since 2013 a solid member, president and now coach at BAM Campus(former Stima Students). As professional active as lecturer at Arteveldehogeschool and freelance marketeer. Skiing as a passion.

Roel Van Eyken

Graphic / Webdesigner

Active member since 2017, he took it upon himself to design and develop the look and feel of the congress branding and its website. In his free time he enjoys skiing and an occasional science fiction TV series.

Maxime Besard

Communicative marketing-minded programme manager

Last year she visited the student BAM congress, the experience was amazing! She is a proud member of the BAM campus team and wants to make sure the opcoming congresses will be as learningful as she experienced. She is a passionate marketing – sales student at HoGent combined with her love for food and wine

Iebel De Pauw

Hands – on practical event manager

Mid 2020 she started as a member of Bam Campus while studying event and project management at Arteveldehogeschool, Gent. In her spare time she loves to travel to countries she’s never been before.

Ine Vanlaer

Practical communication manager

She is a student in Digital Marketing and Communication who loves creative challenges and volleyball. She will make sure to guide everyone through the story of MarketHappening.


BAM Campus is all about students and young marketeers.
As the main activity, BAM Campus organizes MarketHappening. This is a unique marketing congress for students in Belgium. MarketHappening welcomes inspiring national and international
speakers to spot future trends that will shape the marketing landscape of tomorrow.
Why? The goal is to give students the opportunity to dive deeper into the sensational world of marketing.
And guess what? You can be part of it. If you are interested to join our team or would like to know more
about BAM Campus, don’t hesitate to contact us at campus@marketing.be.




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