Marc Vanden bossche




So, you just started looking for a job and want to impress your potential employer when applying for your dream job, right? 

An executive will make his own idea about you in the first 3 minutes of a job interview. So, how do you pitch yourself in such a short amount of time?
No matter what job you’re applying for, there is one golden rule you must follow during an interview: create your own brandA strong one. Sell yourself as you would sell a product through an ad. Choose one particular thing that you’re good at and illustrate this ability with concrete examples.  

Join Benoit Vancauwenberghe, the founder of 20Something and creative director of Serviceplan Benelux, for his Swipe Me Right talk and transform yourself into a strong brand that’s instantly different from the other candidates.  You’ll leave the talk with the tools to convince a future employer, client, partner or anyone else to “swipe right” instead of left when seeing your profile.